Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ground Hog Day -- The Movie

We began this day, September 26, 2009 – Marylou’s birthday – at midnight in Australia. We had celebrated with cake a few hours earlier at dinner. At dawn we were greeted by orange-tinted skies over Sydney – the remnants of dust storms that recently engulfed the city and much of the country.

We spent the day traveling to, and waiting in, New Zealand, where we wished Marylou “happy birthday” again. As dark fell on the 26th, we departed Auckland and flew west, across the Pacific and across the International Date Line, by-passing midnight and traveling backward in time zones through night-time toward the dawning daylight – September 26, 2009 – Marylou’s birthday.

We arrived around noon in Los Angeles where we’ll wish Marylou “happy birthday” again and spend our day taking in a few sights on this long layover. Then we’ll be on the red-eye across the United States of America, headed for home – two day-times; two night-times – September 26, 2009 – Marylou’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Mare!